Founder and Director

Mrs. Aindrila Deb

Disciple of Dr. Padmini Chakraborty (Nrityangana Style)
Visharat at Bharatanatyam
Diploma at Bharatanatyam
Diploma at Rabindra Nritya Drama
Diploma at Bollywood Fusion from Pune Dance Dream under Master Azim
Ms Nationals USA 2018
Ms Nationals USA Finals 2018
Mrs Photogenic New Jersey 2017
Ms Calender Hunt Fitness Diva 2018
Model New York Fashion Show 2018

Education and Dance

Aindrila Deb is the Founder and Director of ADF Dance Academy. She has been teaching Indian classical dance form Bharatanatyam, folk dance and Bollywood Fusion dance for over many years now and has conducted many Arangetams at India and now at USA.

After completing her Engineering from Anna University, Chennai and working at many IT and educational institutions, she decided to teach dance to many more with her versatility, knowledge and dedication.

Awards, Recognition and Certifications

She has received wide acclaim for her deep commitment to the advancement of fine arts and her artistic excellence. She has been awarded with "Sangeet Bivakar Award" from Bangiya Sangeet Parisad, Kolkatta. She completed her religious practice and recitals with Bharatanatyam from Bhatkhanda University, Lucknow and Visharat From Bangiya Sangeet Parisad, Kolkatta, India.

She completed her 7 years of intense training of Bollywood Fusion from Pune Dance School with Master Azim and has performed at many platforms and has been seen with many Bollywood movie stars at her dance training routine.

She studied at one of India's finest schools of Bharatanatyam - Bangiya Sangeet Parisad, Kolkatta and Bhatkhanda University, Lucknow. She has earned a degree in dance with 12 years of extensive training under Guru Late Dr. Padmini Chakraborty. She made her Diploma in Bollywood Fusion from Pune. She has choreographed and performed extensively in India and the United States, and was the winner of the most of the Indian dance competitions for many years. She has been recognized by many for her outstanding contributions to Indian American culture and has been lauded by notable media including TV Asia, Mana TV and many more.

Fashion and Beauty for a Purpose

She has been holding a title in the field of "Beauty and Fashion". She has been awarded the title of "Mrs PHOTOGENIC USA 2017" at Royal Albert Palace, NJ, USA . She competed among many contestants and earned the title of Beauty with a Purpose and later she decided to compete among many contestants for "Ms Nationals New Jersey 2018" and she got the "CROWN" home and later competed at FINALS and got it to semi final list and has been crowned as "Ms Nationals USA Finals RU 2018". With a Pride which contributed to the idea of "Beauty with Purpose" at our community. She is one of the Winner at "Calender HUNT 2018" and also participated as a model at New York Fashion Week 2018 for a renowned Jewelry Showcase.

Founder of Bolly-Cardioblast Dance

When life is a beautiful journey, fitness is a part of life. She initialized a Dance Fitness style. While she dance repetitively with an intensified version of patterns which has been proved to burn 600-800 calories just in an hour with all favourite Bollywood songs in your playlist. She has gone through same training where she had a great weight loss just by dancing and decided to pass it on to many with the same patterns and intensity and it's a Registered ® fitness style and statement.

Winners/ Participation/ Community Services Dance/ Dance for a Cause Diary with team & Students

I would love to mention few of the names where we contributed and participated for many good causes and contributed for society and community with team and students

A Mission

A Vision

She has taken on a life long vision to expose the richness of Indian culture and heritage through the medium of dance. To her students, she is the giver of identity, self pride, cultural enlightenment, grace, discipline and celebration of beauty, friendship, and admiration.

She believes:

"Dance is always with your soul. That's the ultimate Joy.
Fitness is always a Lifestyle which has Bring Millions of positivities in life."

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