Master Instructor

Aindrila Deb

Bollywood Fusion Dance Style

Bolly-Cardioblast Master Trainer


ADF Bharatanatiyam has an unique approach of training with Aindrila who believes in making kids learn Bharatanatiyam with a Free Fun Zone. In short “She teach the same like other Guru; Both with 21st century pattern”.

A Mantra “We Only want smiles while learning techniques and all the Adavus”, a unique pattern and a unique approach makes Bharatanatyam more friendly and easily teachable.

Bollywood Fusion:

ADF Bollywood Fusion has its own charm where energy and being energetic is an utmost requirement. Precession, Control, Coordination, Synchronization, Clarity are the words kids take it to the next level with Aindrila herself. She just say “Give it All and Feel it All”.

Bolly-Cardioblast Dance Fitness:

ADF has been training many in a positive and motivating ground which includes unique blend of Bollywood songs which has been the flavour of many students with fitness tips and tricks. ADF Bolly-Cardioblast has been proven to many for a gauranteed weight loss and it regains the flexibility, strength and stability with variations and consistent approach.

Tejas Limbachiya

Bolly Garba Fitness
Bolly-Cardio Fitness
Bollywood Freestyle Dance

ADF Bollywood Freestyle has taken the dance to a next level with different locking, poping and making HipHop with a flavor of fusion. Tejas Limbachiya has been creating this magic of dance with many teenagers and adults. He moves that Dandiya Sticks with a blast where he creats Magic and Sweat with Bolly-Garba. We all say "Garba is all about Fitness".

Nikola Palivoda

Contemporary Dance Style

ADF contemporary Always rocks with Nikola Palivoda and he is our Excellence. Nik began dancing at the age of four with his church's Serbian Folklore Dance Group, Dukati, where he learned and performed professional repertory for many years. He has trained at Middlesex County College, Montclair State University and is currently taking classes at Raritan Valley Community College to maintain his training. Nik has performed for T.MAJ Dance Company, Nikki Manx Dance Project, Healthquest Fitness, with Freespace Dance, in various Dance NJ events and the Koresh Showcase Series. He is the team dance coach for Diamond Gymnastics Academy and is a fitness instructor at the Rahway RWJ Fitness & Wellness Center (Among a handful of other locations). Nik choreographs annually at Middelsex County College, Main Street Theatre Company, UCPAC's Hamilton Stage, the Rahway Culture Crawl and the Summer Theatre Workshop in Mattawan. He has created, produces and directs two annual dance shows: "Culture Crawl Summer Dance Concert" at the UCPAC's Hamilton Stage with the Rahway Arts + Business Partnership and "Just Dance!" at Main Street Theatre Company.

Zumba Jayalakshmi

Bolly Zumba
Bolly-Latin Fitness

ADF Zumba has Been doing wonders for many years now with perfect motivating instructors like Zin Uma, Zin Diana, Zin Jaya and presently she is rocking the floor with Bollywood Zumba And Latin Zumba

Yoga Ridhi

Yoga Kids
Yoga Adults

She has been creating a streamline of Yogis who can bring the ultimate peace and happiness to this world with Riddhi's own beauty of "Hatha Yoga". Kids Yogis and Adults Yogis looks like a perfect bliss to eyes where soul makes a perfect blend of Yoga postures with clarity and precession