Nandhidhaa Ramanan

I’m a bharatnatyam student at ADF for more than 2 years now. Aindrila has been the best teacher, and I’ve learned so much from her. Thanks for everything!

Vivek Sharma

A great dance and fitness studio! Provides opportunities to develop one’s talent… Aindrila is the nicest person you will ever meet, and the studio has awesome instructors and beautiful choreography !

Renu Dahal

I am a student of ADF which is Aindrila’s Dance and Fitness Academy .. Me and my sister is learning Bollywood dance Classes with the instructor ; when I joined the Class ; I was not at all well versed at the moves ; she thought from basic beginners to advanced level within 5 month intensive training.. We both performed in various events and got acknowledgments … .. Our Dance School is the best .. and very nice .. Small group helps us to learn the technique more closely with the instructor ..
Looking forward to may more ..

Sangita Patel

Best dance teacher. Teaches really good. I enjoyed a lot. I learned her move slowly but surely. I am always looking forward to go to her class. I being only dancing for 2 months but I started to dance so much better.


Been going here for more 2 years and it’s so much fun! Everyone is very nice and helpful and makes dancing fun while still keeping it traditional. It’s also very good exercise and overall a great experience. Highly recommend it for kids and basically anyone who likes dancing 🙂

Sarath Joseph

Love the positive teaching methods. Also I find the small class size helpful. Good dance move selections for kids. Also instructor knows how to handle kids. My 5 year old loves the dance class so much that even of he is sleepy,tired,cranky the mention of going to the class changes all that in an instant.

Theresah’s Sweetlife

I dance with this studio and I love every second of it. Andrila is such a awesome instructor she’s so nice and a great teacher 10 years teaching for me. 100% recommend this place.

Mohamed Abozaid

Best experience ever ! We did our wedding choreography at family and Miss Aindrila and her team just made it so easy and comfortable for all of us to learn and enjoy to create our special moments at our big day ! Thank you Aindrila Dance Fitness 👍 …